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Why Clients Choose Our DevOps Consulting Services?


At Trustify Technology, we offer a full range of DevOps consulting services.

Our expertise and experience with DevOps enables you to benefit from connected and automated development, testing, and deployment at any given stage of your software product development lifecycle.

Plus, with DevOps consulting, you can efficiently integrate the basic DevOps philosophy within your organization.  This helps reduce costs, saves time and solves the organizational challenges of aligning a culture of reliability and flexibility in our IT operations.


DevOps Services by Trustify Technology

By collaborating with our professional DevOps consultants, we can help you leverage connected
and automate development, testing and deployment of your applications at any stage of your
software development project life cycle.

Explore Our DevOps Services in Details

Achieving a better development time and faster release are the two key competitive advantages to make a company standing out in the current IT market.

1. DevOps Implementation Consulting

We help clients:

– Establish continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.
– Introduce test automation.
– Introduce automated application monitoring.
– Applying the Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) approach. 

1.1 Assessment & Planning

We create a DevOps Assessment roadmap by evaluating the current infrastructure and mapping with the desired state and identifying the gaps for feedbacks and implementation strategy planning.

1.2 Design & Execution

– Design the containerization approach (based on Kubernetes, etc.) and the CI/CD approach, define and configure CI/CD tools (e.g., Jenkins).
– Recommend on the test automation approach (e.g. Selenium and Appium) and integration of continuous testing into the CI/CD pipeline.

1.3 Design & Execution (Cont)

– Design integration of IaaC and configuration management tools (Ansible, Chef, and Puppet) with CI/CD tools;
– Design an automated monitoring solution;
– Execute deployment and configuration of CI/CD and test automation tools.

And provide support and training as necessary.

Reasons Why You May Need DevOps Consulting

Development & Operations At Speed


Trustify Technology can help improve greatly the delivery of your new software features, fixes, and updates by aligning the dev, test, and stage environments with the production environment, at the same time automating a range of testing activities, IT infrastructure & applications monitoring, and log management.

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