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For 15+ years in software testing services, Trustify Technology has built Testing expertise in a variety of industries like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, logistics, and other industries.

Our results-driven self-managed testing experts can quickly dive into your project (within 5-7 days) and validate every aspect of your software: functionality, integrations, performance, usability, and security.


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TRUSTIFY TECHNOLOGY’s experts closely collaborate with the development teams for effective testing focused on innovation challenges.

Software Testing Types

Software Testing Types We Perform

Functional Software Testing

To ensure the software full compliance with its functional requirements.

Our Functional Testing services ranges from UAT, Regression Testing, Unit testing, to Integration testing and System testing, etc.

Software Performance Testing

Software performance testing services help ensure the system’s stability and proper functioning under expected, continuous, and stress load.

Security Testing Services

Security testing services aim at spotting vulnerabilities in the IT environment and provide recommendations on their mitigation.

Mobile app testing

Trustify Technology offers functional and non-functional testing for a diverse range of mobile apps, to ensure apps performance and scalability, as well as security and multi-platforms support.

Test automation

Trustify Technology adheres to the proprietary Integrated Manual and Automated Testing (IMAAT) approach to optimize testing time. Our test automation teams will help you evaluate automation needs and analyze automated testing feasibility and calculate its ROI for each testing project.

Test Automation

We provide:

– Automation test development with a variety of automation frameworks built by Trustify Technology.
– Automation test development per client framework & requirements.
– Automation test integration with different cloud provider.

Types of Applications We Test

– Web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps.

– Enterprise business software solutions: B2B, B2C apps and apps supporting internal corporate operations (CRM, Accounting, etc.).

Engagement Models

Depending on the project complexity and business specifics, our testing & quality assurance services can be provided and performed based on the following models:

Offshore model

All project development, starting with envisioning through to the delivery and support stage, is done on Trustify’s premises.

Customers are kept fully aware of each project stage; material results are provided to clients regularly on a pre-arranged basis.

Onsite model

The project is carried out on the customer’s site. With its pool of 70+ developers, Trustify is able to bring highly qualified staff with strong coding & testing skills to your location.

We take into consideration customers’ requirements regarding the personnel and shortlist a few suitable candidates for the interview.

Dedicated Team

This model allows the customer to have a virtual extension of their in-house software team. Trustify forms a dedicated team of software specialists who are pre-selected by the customer.

The team adopts the customer’s practices and methodologies of software testing and project management.




Years in Software Testing

We’ve been in the software testing & QA business for over 15 years and can help you release high-performing and quality software products to quickly win new customers.


Testing Projects Completed

We deliver high-quality results by having our talented QA team effectively collaborate with developers throughout the projects—from ideation to release.


Experienced Test Engineers

Trustify Technology’s testing team comprises experienced IT professionals and QC engineers, including the best IT talents in Vietnam.

Technologies We Use For Software Testing Projects


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