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Since 2017, Trustify Technology has been providing big data services, including consulting, implementation, and support to help clients establish a robust big data environment.

Our Big data services help companies maximize data value and achieve business goals with big data analysis. 

Increase business efficiency and enable data-driven decision-making

Trustify Technology’s Big Data Services

Trustify Technology helps companies capture big data from a variety of sources and consolidate,
and perform advanced analytics to extract hidden insights from previously untapped data.

Trustify Technology’s Big Data Services

What Makes Trustify Technology a Trusted Machine Learning Consulting Services Provider?

Highlights of Trustify


During our 5+ years in data analytics and data science, we have fulfilled our clients’ diverse analytics requirements (including advanced data analytics), making us fully understand the big data projects you’re undertaking.

Our data team is MS-Azure certified and well-versed in other advanced technology platforms. We are keeping up to date with advancements and the evolution of the data analytics landscape.

Data protection, GDPR, and cyber security measures are in place to ensure the quality of big data consulting services and the security of customer data.


We work with clients in all business sectors to expand the scope of functions of our advanced analytics services.

Industry-specific big data analytics use cases

– Manufacturing
– Healthcare
– Financial services
– Transportation and logistics
– Retail and e-commerce
– Oil and gas

Technologies We Use For Big Data Projects

Big Data Technologies


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