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How We Work With Clients

Accelerate Business Growth with Trustify Technology

Trustify Technology is a leading software development outsourcing company in Vietnam
and also operates as a global technology & IT services provider. We create and deliver
software development projects and provide end-to-end IT services tailored made
according to your unique business circumstances.

We offer the following cooperation models for software development projects

Business Models



Fixed Costs

From the client’s well-defined scope and time frame, Trustify Technology follows a plan and presents a final deliverable on the agreed schedule.

This type of engagement model works best for clearly defined projects of middle size, without major changes in the client’s requirements, or short-time delivery projects that require instant access to the skilled and talent pool of software engineering resources.


Time & Material

For this option, the “full time equivalent” method is applied, which means that the customer is charged at a daily rate (or man-hour) for each software engineer / employee dedicated to the customer’s project. This model is suitable for projects from mid-size and large which can be dynamic and require flexibility.

The Time & Material model provides the customer with maximum control over deliverables and the team which works on the project. 

Offshore Development

We assist you in building your offshore development center acting as your virtual extension team for long-term benefits.

Trustify Technology establishes a dedicated team of software engineers and other IT professionals which are pre-selected by the customer. The team adopts the customer’s practices and methodologies of software development and project management.

The project management can be either on the customer’s or Trustify Technology side. In both cases the Customer has a full control over the entire development lifecycle.



The project is carried out on the customer’s site. With its pool of more than 70 software engineers, Trustify Technology is able to bring highly qualified staff with strong coding skills to your location.

We take into consideration customer’s requirements regarding the personnel and shortlists a few suitable candidates for the interview.



Bug-free user experiences, A Maintainable code base, Low cost of support

ITSM Guaranteed

Trustify Technology establishes in places mature approaches to deliver high quality services and enhanced projects engagement security for our customers.

ITSM (information security management system) to guarantee the security of the customer data handed to us during the project life-time.

Best Practices

Established use of code quality metrics and code review practices, along with high coverage of unit tests, functional and performance testing.

Compliance With Standards

Our processes comply with standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR, as well as comply with the customers’ own security policies to ensure and smooth and secure software development project.


The Trustify Technology team keeps up to date with the latest official programming language- and tool-specific guidelines and best practices to ensure clean and stable code.

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