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Qualified IT Talents For Your Projects

At Trustify Technology, we provide IT talents across all software project roles, ranging from software coding, UX/UI design, software testing & QA, and DevOps engineering, etc.

Simple To Complex

Trustify Technology’s IT staffing services are suitable for almost every type of project, from simple to complex enterprise projects, from MPV to full-scale development of web and mobile applications, testing, as well as support and maintenance.

Quick & Effective

Our IT staffing services offer a cost-effective turn-key solution, along with professional software development expertise, and the flexibility that you need to scale quickly and meet the product time-to-market objective as expected

Access Your Needed IT Resources at Trustify Technology

Trustify Technology – IT Staffing

Fill up your required IT resources on an on-demand basis

Trustify Technology as an IT staff augmentation services provider

By choosing to work with Trustify Technology as your IT staff augmentation vendor of choice, you benefit from:

– Access to common and mainstream software development skills.

– Large pool of software developers that can be quickly scaled up or down according to the project’s needs.

– Adoption of DevOps practices and Continuous Testing for high-quality software delivery.

– Cost-efficient and reaching project goals faster.

Explore Trustify Technology’s IT staff augmentation services:

By choosing to work with Trustify Technology as your IT staff augmentation vendor of choice, you benefit from:

– Experts in mainstream programming technologies including .NET, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Golang, Javascript, NodeJS, React, etc.

– Experts in mainstream mobile technologies including iOS (Swift, Objective C) and Android (Java, Kotlin), Flutter & React Native

– Diverse multi-disciplinary team including software engineers, QC testers, IT consultants, BA, Project managers, Architects, UI/UX designers, Cyber security, data engineers, etc.

– Experts in leading-edge technologies: AI & Machine LearningBig Data Analytics, etc.

– Enterprise business applications including salesforce consultants and Salesforce architect, Salesforce developers

IT Staff Augmentation


Our Team – Your Process


We take a serious commitment to IT talent acquisition and our employees’ professional development. Our hiring process is efficiently established to enable quick access to the top IT professionals in the industry.

When it comes to IT staffing services, Trustify Technology’s software engineers can quickly get used to your in-house team’s existing processes, report directly to client management, and actively join in daily stand-up meetings and progress reports.

Choosing The Right Vendor

For a successful IT staff augmentation, the key step is to choose the right vendor – you could achieve this by studying the software vendor’s track records of past projects, the proposals handling process, and technical expertise (through direct interviews).

Ensure Security 

To protect intellectual property and confidentiality, an NDA with an outsourcing vendor can be signed for the protection of your business-sensitive information and IP rights over the project deliverables.

Similar Projects Experience

You can ask the potential or short-listed vendors about their past projects that are similar to yours, as well as previous clients, to gain an unbiased understanding of a vendor’s competencies. 

Select The Suitable Engagement Model

IT staffing services can be fully customized according to your internal needs, so there should be an engagement model that will meet your needs best. A number of models can be considered including Dedicated Team, Managed IT services, and Staff Augmentation.

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