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Outsourcing Software Development Company

End-to-End Software Outsourcing

Trustify Technology’s software development outsourcing services help clients quickly fill in the lack of internal engineering resources or expertise needed to enable business growth and digital transformation objectives.

Quality Outsourcing Services

Software outsourcing services involve working with an external development team with specialized technical skills and expertise. Trustify Technology works with the Top IT Talents in Vietnam to guarantee high-quality software delivery.

Vietnam Software Outsourcing

With offshore software outsourcing, our clients can benefit from the fast and smooth assembling of top IT professionals to work on your projects. Our Vietnam Software Outsourcing team is highly proficient in English and has a high level of tech expertise, and can help establish a fluent and efficient outsourcing process.

Trustify Technology As a Leading Software Development Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing Software Development Company

Working with Trustify Technology to have immediate access to a dedicated Delivery Team who
are among the top software engineers in the market.

Quick facts about Trustify Technology


– 15+ years in software development outsourcing.

– Track record of successful projects.

– Large team of full-time IT professionals speaking fluent English on board, including software engineers, IT consultants, technical architects, developers and QC engineers, PMs, and BAs.

– Quality management process in place to deliver projects that fully meet our customers’ quality, time, and budget expectations.

– Guaranteed security of the customers’ data.

Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing


– Gain quick access to a large pool of talented software engineers in the market.

– Effective reduction of software development costs, and training time.

– Quickly fill in the technical gaps needed to support business growth.

– Boost your productivity by focusing on the core competencies.

– Reduce the product’s time-to-market, etc.

Our industry experience includes Healthcare, Supply chain management, retail & E-commerce, Financial Management, Banking & Insurance, Asset Management, and more.

Trustify Technology’s Software Development Outsourcing Process

Outsourcing Software Development Company

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Services Areas

Software Development Outsourcing Services Offerings:

– Machine Learning & AI

– Big Data Analytics

– Enterprise Business Applications (e.g. Salesforce CRM, Accounting, ERP, etc.)

– Web applications outsourcing

– Mobile Apps outsourcing

– Software Testing & QA Outsourcing

– And more

Similar Projects Experience

You can ask the potential or short-listed vendors about their past projects that are similar to yours, as well as previous clients, to gain an unbiased understanding of a vendor’s competencies. 

Resources & Communication

The first step to begin outsourcing is to define what skills and resources your projects are in need of and then establish a clear, frequent communication process regarding different aspects of the outsourcing project with your chosen vendor.

Ensure Security 

To protect intellectual property and confidentiality, an NDA with an outsourcing vendor can be signed for the protection of your business-sensitive information and IP rights over the project deliverables.

Your software development outsourcing vendor should:

– Apply software development best practices and work with development methodologies like Agile Scrum.

– Speak English fluently and have a communication process in place.

– Have experience with projects similar to yours (e.g. case study)

– Have a sufficient pool of skilled software engineers readily available for your projects.

– DevOps practices (e.g. CI/CD, Continuous testing) to ensure high software quality.

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